Efa Supertramp is a folk-punk grrrl armed with just an acoustic guitar and a powerful voice. She regularly tours across Europe appearing at festivals, bars, squats, venues, living rooms and street corners to perform her songs. Originally from North Wales, now based in London, Efa sings in both English and Welsh and has been shouting about the world’s wrongs in one form or another since she started her bilingual punk band The Stilletoes at the age of 15.

Her songs are angry but uplifting, she hates money, power and greed, but loves living life as free as she can. By combining her anger at an unjust world, with solutions and hope for a better future; Efa combines elements of her influences paying tribute to those who fought for equality in previous generations – showing that protest music is far from dead. Whether it’s the DIY attitude of the punk scene, the powerful female voices of Riot Grrrl, the socialist beliefs of many of her fellow Welsh-speakers or the anarchistic spirit of folk music’s nomads; it can all be found in Efa’s music and activities. True to the spirit of DIY Efa releases her own music, books her own tours and even makes zines to tell you all about the adventures of her tours and the autonomous and DIY punk spaces she visits.

Her passionate attitude for performing and DIY culture has seen her make a name for herself in the underground DIY and folk-punk scene with her truthful attitude to life and politics. She has performed at Rebellion Festival and Boomtown Fair and supported punk legends such as The Damned, TV Smith, Attila the Stockbroker and Viv Albertine. She also recently started an electronic punk band called Killdren, and appeared as guest vocalist for Grand Collapse, Clusterfuck and Cyrion in recent years. Efa’s face was also recently in the Daily Mail and most other mainstream media after Killdren were uninvited from Glastonbury for the title of one of their controversial songs – luckily the band got the chance to put their point across about disastrous Tory austerity measures in the more left-leaning media of The Independent, NME + DIY Conspiracy.

As a keen creative catalyst and political activist, Efa has also appeared on several panels discussing music, politics and underground culture, such as National Theatre of Wales and The Guardian’s Panel on Theatre, Grassroots and Activism(2016); a panel on the mix of music and politics alongside Dave Randall and Daniel Rachel at Merthyr Rising Festival (2017); and discussing DIY Alternative Culture and Politics at Beyond The Paradox: Nights Conference in Brussels (2018). She also presented a series of items on Welsh-language youth programe Y Lle about unusual subcultures and underground happenings in Wales on S4C; and was also subject of a Europe-wide TV programme and survey ‘Generation Quoi’ about young people’s ambitions, hopes and worries.