I’m currently working on my third zine on autonomous spaces! They are very much inspired by the great venues and DIY spaces that I get to play when on tour around Europe. You can buy the first two issues Give Me Space (2017) and Taking Up Space (2018) from my BigCartel page.



Killdren sit uneasily between straight-up nihilism and fresh-faced naivety, penning politically charged slapstick anthems. They form the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history. During the short space of time since forming in 2017 Killdren have played gigs at venues, dingy free parties, festivals home and abroad and released two EPs Overkill is Underrated and Disguise the Limit.

Their tongue-in-cheek politically charged mix of rave music and punk sensibilities is a nod to the existing back catalogue of the two primary band members Efa Supertramp and Nick Ronin. The former is a singer-songwriter who is part of the European DIY
punk scene with her solo folk-punk act. The latter is a electronic music
producer, live performer and free party veteran. Each brings their
own energy and talents into the project and they choose to use their
uniquely spiky and fun rave-punk fusion to project their political outlook
and thirst for change.


I appeared as a guest vocalist on Grand Collapse’s incredible hardcore punk album Along The Dew.I was super chuffed to be asked to do this by these lovely Welsh lads because they are one of my favorite punk bands!

“Her contribution is outstanding and she makes the song her own.” – Razor Cake

“My personal highlight of the album is the song “Through Bloodshot & Blurry”, one of the longest tracks on the record. Top-notch lyrics and a guest appearance on vocals by the folk-punk singer Efa Supertramp. Efa’s female vocals are a great addition to Grand Collapse’s music and I’m totally hooked on this song.” – DIY Conspiracy



I’ve been collaborating with Clusterfuck on tunes for a couple of years now, usually Jason Flapsandwich plays me the vocals and I just come up with some lyrics and vocal melodies to go over the top, then he manipulates them and finishes the track off! Here’s one of my favorites ‘Speck of Dust’ but I also feature on



The Factory  and Fear.


Petrol Girls continue to storm the barricades with their empowering and awesome single, ‘Big Mouth’. The video begins with a shout out to the Solidarity Not Silence campaign, which continues its fight to defend women who spoke out against abuse. The band’s lead singer, Ren Aldridge explained, “There are a lot of politics around who is heard and what that means, and many marginalized groups are only tolerated when they’re quiet. When they refuse this containment and control, they’re met with attempts to silence them.” I featured in this video – proud to be a big mouth, that will not shut up! x