Upcoming gigs


In 2021 the Covid-19 pandemic (and strange government policies that prioritise sporting events) continues to restrict the events and opportunities musicians like myself have. All of us DIY artists really appreaciate all the support you’ve given us – buying merch, sigining up to Patreon/crowdfunders, donating during out livestream gigs.

24th April – #WeStandByYou Online Fest for Belarus by Libereco
3rd May – Comrade Baby Livestream Fundraiser, Afiach FB page
30th May – Nestival, The Birds Nest, London
21st June – Squat De La Musique, Rigaer Straße, Berlin
24th July – Private Event, Berlin
5th August – British Shorts Film Fest, City Kino Wedding, Berlin
6th August – Z-Bau, Biergarten, Nuremberg, Germany
7th August – Zum Wilden Heinz, Leipzig, Germany
24th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings [KILLDREN]
26th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings [Solo]
9th Oct – Till the Fest, The Matchstick Piehouse, London [KILLDREN]


Past gigs


8th Mar – Birkenstock, Gwdihw, Cardiff
17th Mar – The Watershed, Milton Keynes
24th Mar – Cob Records, Bangor
8th Apr – The Crescent Pub, Manchester
9th Apr – Astbury Castle, Peckham, London
10th Apr – The Abbey, Kentish Town, London
11th Apr – Karma Kafe, Norwich
16th Apr – Joplins, Chesterfield
17th Apr – Basement 20, Liverpool
18th Apr – The Lounge, Warrington
19th Apr – The Dry Dock, Leeds
21st Apr – Brighton Punx Picnic
30th Apr – 13th Note, Glasgow
4th May – The Croft, Cardiff
4-6 May – Cosmic Puffin Festival
10th May – The Full Moon, Cardiff
11th May – Love Music Hate Racism, Cardiff
16th May – Jonsey’s, Bangor
17th May – Vegas, Rhyl
18th May – Coal Exchange, Cardiff (with The Damned)
20th May – Bearded Theory Festival
24th May – Kama Lounge, Newport
2-4 Jun – Kaya Festival, Bangor
13th Jul – CSO Kike Mur, Zaragoza, ES
17th Jul – le TDB, squat transpédégouine féministe, Toulouse, FR
20th Jul – Stimultania, Strasbourg, FR
21st Jul – Autonomer Beauty Salon, Zurich, CH.
25th Jul – Skek, Amsterdam, NL
26th Jul – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
27th Jul – Venue TBA, Emmen, NL
28th Jul – Café het Hijgend Hert, Breda, NL
29th Jul – Jeugdhuis Tijl, Diest, BE
6th Aug – A new squat, Marsaille, FR
16th Aug – Kama Lounge, Newport
18th Aug – Gremlin Alley, Cardiff
25th Aug – Llangollen, Pesda Roc, Bethesda
26th Aug – Twnal Tywyll, Bethesda
7th Sep – Jet Rock Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
8th Sep – Adelante Social Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
10th Sep – Evergreen, Kraljevo, Serbia
14th Sep – Inex Film, Belgrade, Serbia
17th Sep – Black Sheep, Novi Sad, Serbia
18th Sep – Panic Room, Belgrade, Serbia.
19th Sep – Autonomni Kulturni Centar Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
21st Sep – Jalla Jalla, Ljubljana, Slovenia
22nd Sep – Kaleidoskop, Vienna, Austria
27th Sep – The Moon, Cardiff
3rd Oct – Bogiez, Cardiff (with Attila the Stockbroker)
5th Oct – Students Union, Newport
18th Oct – The Croft, Cardiff
20th Oct – Noson Afiach, Wells Hotel, Cardiff
2nd Nov – Red and Black Umbrella, Cardiff
12th Dec – 200 Club, Newport
13th Dec – Warehouse 54, Newport
16th Dec – Red and Black Umbrella, Cardiff



27th Jan – Gwdihw, Cardiff
26th Feb – Acwstic Afiach, Wells Hotel, Cardiff
8th Mar – Warehouse 54, Newport
22nd Mar – Warehouse 54, Newport
23rd Mar – Cwmaman Institute, Aberdare
30th Mar – Pro-choice protest, St Mary’s St, Cardiff
4th Apr – Four Bars, Cardiff
6th Apr – The Windsor Arms, Penarth
19th May – The Moon, Cardiff (Dirty Revolution album launch)
26th May – Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff
2nd Jun – Glastonwick Festival, West Sussex
29th Jun – Glastnost Festival, The Moon, Cardiff
5th Jul – Mad Love, Tottenham Chances, London.
6th Jul – The Windsor, Arms, Penarth (with TV Smith)
29th Jul – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam, NL.
4th Aug – Lohmuehle Wagonplatz, Berlin, D.
8th Aug – XB-Liebig, Berlin, D.
9th Aug – CKN 13, Gliwice, PL.
10th Aug – Wegan Piknik 2, Krakow, PL.
11th Aug – Deja Vu, Gorlice, PL
12th Aug – Domówka Cafe, Krakow, PL
13th Aug – Wagenburg Breslau, Wroclaw, PL.
15th Aug – Dwa Światy, Torun, PL.
31st Aug – Anarcho Folk Fest, Freedom Bookshop, London.
7th Sep – The Dirty Weekend Festival, Wrexham
21st Sep – Radical Bookfair Afterparty, The Beehive, Swindon



26th Jan – Birkenstomp, Gwdihw, Cardiff
14th Mar – Le Pub, Newport (with Captain Hotknives)
19th Mar – Vrankrijk, Amsterdam
21st Mar – Valreep, Amsterdam
22th Mar – Rebellion Punk Music Festival, Amsterdam
23rd Mar – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam (afternoon show)
23rd Mar – De Peper, Amsterdam
3rd Apr – The Parrot, Carmarthen
14th Apr – Red & Black Umbrella, Cardiff (with Perkie)
19th Apr – Newport City Radio Record Shop Day Stage 2, Newport (afternoon show)
19th Apr – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (with Beans on Toast)
4th May – 0161 Festival, Manchester
8th May – Fischladen, Berlin
9th May – Cassiopeia, Berlin
10th May – Moviemento, Berlin
11th May – Lohmuehle, Berlin (afternoon show)
17th May – The Windsor Arms, Penarth (with Attila the Stockbroker)
21st June – Stag & Hounds, Bristol (Grand Collapse Album Launch)
18th Jul – Globe in Hay, Hay on Wye
25th July – Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh
26th July – House Show, Aberdeen (afternoon show)
26th July – The Elizabethan, Fraserburgh.
27th July – Pivo Pivo, Glasgow
1-3rd Aug – Green Gathering Festival, Chepstow
1-3rd Aug – Something Else Up North Festival, near Wrexham
7th-10th Aug – Almost Acoustic Stage, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
20th Aug – The Golden Lion, Bristol
23rd Aug – Riverside Festival, Cardiff
23rd Aug – Hub Festival, Dempseys, Cardiff
29th Aug – Le Pub, Newport
26th-28th Sep – Something Else in The Dean Festival
8th Oct – Gwdihw, Cardiff
15th Nov – The Royal Oak, Cardiff
16th Nov – Oxjam, The Moon, Cardiff



28th Jan – Music Without Borders, Trinity Centre, Cardiff
6th Feb – Ropetackle Beer Fest, Shoreham-on-Sea.
20th April – Music Without Borders, Trinity Church, Cardiff
29th April – TAA Cardiff – 275 Cowbridge Road East (with Perkie)
9th May – The Abacus, Cardiff
14th May – Nos Da, Cardiff
17th May – Surplus Spring Gathering, Wales. (1:15pm, Surplus Stage)
23rd May – Bearded Theory Festival, England (12pm, Something Else Big Top)
24th May – Bearded Theory Festival, England (3pm, Flying Lotus)
30th May – Merthyr Rising Festival, Merthyr Tydfil. (around 3pm, after George Galloway)
30th May – Studio Finchi Opening Party, Punk Bikes, Cardiff.
31st May – Hay in May, Hay Fringe Fest – The Hollybush Inn, Hay-on-Wye.
19th June – Kebele, Bristol (with Evan Greer & Taina Asili)
20th June – LARC, London (with Evan Greer & Taina Asili)
2nd July – Fischladen, Berlin, Germany. (with Wayne Lost Soul)
3rd July – Lohmülhe, Berlin, Germany (with Wayne Lost Soul)
4th July – Tristeza, Berlin, Germany (with Wayne Lost Soul)
11th July – Übertown, Nowhere, Spain.
6th June –  The Chelsea, Bristol (with Gab De La Vega)
7th June – The Wells Hotel, Cardiff (with Gab De La Vega)
13th June – The Scene, Swansea (with The Urban Voodoo Machine)
17th July – Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Tolpuddle, England. (3:40pm)
18th July – Unizone, Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Tolpuddle, England. (3:30pm)
19th July – Inspirali Gathering, Aberystwyth (2:30pm)
22nd July – Fuel Cafe, Manchester
23rd July – Next to Nowhere, Liverpool
24th July – Downstairs, Aberdeen
25th July – Folk Fest, Elgin, Scotland.
26th July – The NHC Bookshop, Glasgow
2nd Aug – Stondin Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Maes yr Eisteddfod, Meifod. (2yh)
2nd Aug – Gig Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Cobra, Meifod. (gyda Meic Stevens)
14th Aug – Floating Lotus, Boomtown Fair. (16:45-17:30)
22nd Aug – The Chelsea Inn, Bristol (all dayer with vegan BBQ!)
23rd August – Cafe Ever, London (afternoon show)
25th August – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
26th August – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam, NL
27th August – Pino Social Centruum, Gronigen, NL.
28th August – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
29th August – Huize Spoorloos, Emmen, NL
30th August – Zuiderfestival, Enschende, NL
1st September – Anyway, Essen, DE (with TV Smith)
4th September – f105, Hamburg, DE
5th September – Hasen Schaukel, Hamburg, DE
7th September – Moviemento, Berlin, DE
8th September – Friedel 54, Berlin, DE
10th September – Ramones Museum, Berlin, DE.
11th September – Stoned, Liepzig, DE.
13th September – Auotonomni Socialni Centrum Klinika, Prague, CZ
16th September – Klub Na Drazne, Brno, CZ
17th September – Bikekitchen, Vienna, Austria
18th September – Kaleidoskop, Vienna, Austria
19th September – Dürer Pince, Budapest, Hungary
20th September – Food Not Bombs, Budapest, Hungary (4pm)
21st September – U Frantiskanov, Bratislava, SK
22nd September – Cult Club, Bansk Bystrika, SK
23rd September – Zazemie, Spiska Nova Ves, SK
24th September – Stanica, Zilina, SK
25th September – Bar-Rock-O, Trinec, CZ
26th September – Futra, Orlova, CZ
29th September – Chmury Club, Warsaw, PL.
30th September – Przychodnia Squat, Warsaw, PL. (TBC)
1st October – Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow, PL (with Lie Afer Lie & Pssgs & Malad)
2nd October – Leśniczówka Rock’n’Roll Cafe, Chorzow, PL.
3rd October – CKN 13, Gliwice, PL.
10th October – LaDIY Fest, Stag & Hounds Bristol
23rd October – Afiach & A-Grrrls, Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
27th October – Look Out Cafe Bar, Cardiff (with Attila The Stockbroker)
30th October – Stoned, Leipzig, DE (with TV Smith)
31st October – Stoned, Leipzig, DE (with TV Smith)
13th November – Caerphilly Miner’s Institute, Caerphilly
17th November – Temporary Autonomous Art, Cardiff
21st November – L.A.R.C, London
9th December – Hydra Bookshop, Bristol



18th January – Free For All Festival, The Moon, Cardiff (with Perkie & Petrol Girls)
30th January – Penarth Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Penarth
20th February – Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff
25th Feb – Infokrautuve, Kaunas, Lithuania
26th Feb – xi20, Vilnus, Lithuania
27th Feb – Cafe Leningrad, Riga, Latvia
1st March – Sotsiaaleksus ülase 12, Talin, Estonia
3rd March – Semifinal, Helsinki, Finland
4th March – Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland
18th March – The Plough, Bristol
19th March – Roll For The Soul, Bristol
20th March – Birkenstomp, Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
26th March – Le Pub, Newport
22nd April – Cafe Kino, Bristol (with Grace Petrie)
27th April – The Fulford Arms, York
28th April – Darnyoltarnawl, Leeds
29th April – Girls To The Front, Banshee Labrynith, Edinburgh
30th April – 0161 Fest, Manchester
6th May – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
7th May – Alerta Alerta Festival, Amsterdam, NL
8th May – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
9th May – Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam, NL
10th May – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
11th May – WTF Queer Wednesday, Vrankrijk, Amesterdam, NL
14th May – Filddler’s Elbow, Camden, London
21st May – Surplus Spring Gathering, Porthkerry
27th May – How The Lights Get In, Hay-on-Wye
28th May – Hay In May II (fringe festival), Hollybush Campsite, Hay-on-Wye
28th May – Defiance Sessions, Glossop Labour Club, Glossop
29th May – Something Else Tea Tent, Bearded Theory Festival
3rd Jun –
 Kupoli, Helsinki, Finland
4th Jun – Sointu, Turku, Finland
5th Jun – Telakka, Tampere, Finland
6th Jun – Bar Wall Street , Helsinki, Finland
7th Jun – Cafe Mascot, Helsinki, Finland
9th Jun – Kulturehuset Magasinet, Nyköping, Sweden
10th Jun – Kulturhuset, Jonkoping, Sweden
11th Jun – Plan B Tranås, Sweden
12th Jun – Amalthea Bokkafe, Malmo, Sweden
13th Jun – Gula Huset, Uddebo, Sweden
15th Jun – Maksitaksi, Oslo, Norway
16th Jun – Ivar Matlaus Bokkafe, Trondheim, Norway
17th Jun – Good Omens, Trondheim, Norway
9th July – T Chances, Tottenham, London
10th July – Next To Nowhere, Liverpool
13th July – Folk Punk Clash (versus Cosmo!), Wells Hotel, Cardiff
16th July – Unizone, Tolpuddle Festival, Dorset
1st August – Gig Eisteddfod Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Y Fenni
5th August – Kaya Festival
6th August – Almost Acoustic, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
7th August – Outcider Festival, Somerset
11th August – The Last Stand, Chinatown, Boomtown Fair
13th August – The Last Stand Chinatown, Boomtown Fair
29th August – Windmill Brixton, London
2nd Sept – Le Pub, Newport (with Petrol Girls & Perkie)
4th Sept – Feminist Solidarity Fest, Springfield Park, London
10th Sept – Use Your Voice, City Hall, London
22nd Sept – The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green
17th October – Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
29th October – Highwayman Inn, Sourton (with TV Smith)
3rd November – Fischladen, Berlin
4th November – Stoned, Leipzig (with TV Smith)
5th November – Stoned, Leipzig (with TV Smith)
14th November – Boogaloo, Highgate, London
24th November – La Mesa, Montecchio M, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
25th November – Al Viandante, Mantova, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
26th November – Monsieur D, Spilimbergo, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
27th November – Tetris, Trieste, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
16th December – The Hive, Dalston, London



18th Feb – Live Set on Resonance FM
16th March – The Greys, Brighton
22nd April – Manchester Punk Festival
27th April – Next To Nowhere, Liverpool
28th April – Red and Green Club, Huddersfield
29th April – May Day Solidarity Festival, Barnsley
5th May – Asociación Atlas, Gran Canaria
6th May – Equipo Para, Tenerife
10th May – GoMorky, Hamburg
11th May – Desperado, Bielefeld.
12th May – The Curly Cow, Witten
13th May – Cunting Festival,Dortmund
14th May – Astbury Castle, London
15th May – Cowley Club, Brighton
16th May – Transport Club, Cardiff
17th May – Hydra Bookshop, Bristol
18th May – Protestival, Bath
20th May – Grand Collapse Album Launch, Stag & Hounds, Bristol
26th May – Cowley Club, Brighton
28th May – [Panel Discussion on Music&Politics] Merthyr Rising
2nd June – KvU, Berlin, DE.
3rd June – Carnival of Subculture afterparty, Köpi, Berlin, DE.
9-11th June – Sista Fest
13th June – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
14th June – WTF Queer Wednesday, Vrankrijk, Amsterdam, NL
15th June – Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam, NL
18th June – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
4th July – Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria
5th July – Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia, Bulgaria
6th August – Rebellion Punk Festival
10-13th August – Last Stand, Boomtown Fair
3rd Sept – Common Ground Festival, The Black Swan, Bristol
15th Sept – Latest Music Bar, Brighton
16th Sept – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
17th Sept – Wildcard Brewery, Walthamstow
24th Sept – Windmill, Brixton
29th Sept – Killdren at The Exchange, Bristol
30th Sept – Something Else in the Dean (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
12th Oct – ADM Festival (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
19th Oct – Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park, London
4th Nov – Killdren at ExFed, London
5th Nov – Wildcard Brewery, London
16th Nov – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
17th Nov – Bradford Brewery, Bradford
18th- November – Dead Good Gathering, Liverpool
19th November – Old Town House, Warrington
24th November – New Cross Inn



10th January – Fischladen, Berlin
11th January – Stoned, Leipzig
12th January – Stoned, Leipzig
27th Jan – Killdren at Squat Party, The Coronet, London
9th March – Killdren at Barlok, Brussles, BE
10th March – Killdren at The Loch, Enschede, NL
30th March – Killdren at The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London
8th April – Killdren at Freekuency, Portugal
10th April – Killdren at Freekuency, Portugal
23rd April – Boat Gig at BarCo, London
27th April – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
28th April – Glossop Labour Club
3rd May – Temporary Autonomous Art, London
10th May – Riot for Grenfell, Maxilla Hall Social Club, London
12th May – Bristol Bookfair Afterparty, The Black Swan, Bristol
24th May – Hell Hath No Fury Fest, Bristol (Killdren & Efa Supertramp)
31st May – Joe’s Garage , Amsterdam
2nd June – The Swamp, Utrecht
3rd June – Rebellion Festival, Melkweg, Amsterdam
5th June – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam
13th June – Freedom Bookshop, London
14th June – The Pipeline, Brighton
15th June – Anti-University Closing Party, New River Studios, London
27th June – Block Around The Clock Protest Camp, Lancashire (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
21st July – Level Up Fest, New Cross Inn, London
5th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
8-12th August – Boomtown Fair, Winchester (Various sets for both Killdren & Efa Supertramp)
18th August – Genesis Cinema, London
31st August – Genesis Cinema, London
1st September – Killdren at Party in Park, Fordham Park, London
6th September – Lad$, Freedom Bookshop, London
14th September – Killdren @ HeadFuk 20th Bday Rave, London
1st October – Hope & Anchor, London
4th October – Supamolli, Berlin
5th October – Fischladen, Berlin
19th October – Sister Not Cister, London
20th October – Killdren @ NotTheAnarchistBookfair Afterparty, London
4th November – Killdren @ Tattoo Circus Afterparty, The Exchange, Bristol
10th November – Pie Race Festival, Wharf Chambers, Leeds (5:40pm)
10th November – Killdren @ Empire Bar, London (1am)
11th November – Waltham Forest Vegan Market
17th November – Killdren @ Chaos Theory, L’uizinne, Bruxells. 
1st December – Acoustic Anarchy, Waterintobeer, London


20th January – Killdren @ DIY Space for London
22nd February – Killdren @ The Royal Sovereign, London
28th February – The Cowley Club, Brighton
1st March – Killdren @ Elektrowerks, London
3rd March – The Red Lion, Bristol
4th March – Le Pub, Newport/Casnewydd
5th March – The Cellar/Y Seler, Cardigan/Aberteifi
6th March – Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda
8th March – Drop the Dumbulls, Liverpool
9th March – The Old Town House, Warrington
10th March – Grow Heathrow
14th March – Old Rose & Crown, Walthamstow, London
15th March – Killdren @ Fischladen, Berlin
16th March – Killdren @ Köpi, Berlin
29th March – Killdren @ Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
30th March – Killdren @ Party at Huize ívicke, Wassenaar, NL
2nd April – Killdren @ Mandril Cultural Centre, Maastricht, NL
3rd April – Curly Cow, Witten, DE (+ Killdren acoustic)
5th April – Killdren @ L’Emulsion, Marche-en-Famenne BE
6th April – Killdren @ KAFC, Liege, BE
14th April – Vocal Health, Hygiene and Wellbeing Workshop @ DIY Space for London
19th April – Highwaymann Inn, Sourton
20th April – Killdren @ The Cavern, Exeter
21st April – Killdren @ The Red Lion, Bristol
2nd May – Killdren @ 0161 Festival, Manchester
3rd May – Killdren @ Hatch, Sheffield
4th May – Killdren @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
10th May – Killdren @ Fox & Firkin, London
1st June – Glastonwick, Sussex
11th June – Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel, London
13th June – Killdren @ New River Studios
15th June – SistaFest, Oxfordshire (Efa Supertramp 12pm + Killdren 7pm)
22nd June – Killdren @ TINY TAA, Secret Location, London
26-30th June – Killdren @ Glastonbury Fest [Uninvited,but we still played a secret set]
5th July – Killdren @ Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda
6th July – Killdren @ Bristol Skum Collective Rig at St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol
11th July – Fischladen, Berlin [Efa Supertramp + Killdren acoustic]
12th July – KILLDREN @ Trash-o-Lade, Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin
13th July – KILLDREN @ Feel Festival, Germany
14th July – KILLDREN @ Feel Festival, Germany
17th July – SchönerHausen, Leipzig, Germany
19th July – Wolimierz Anarcho Folk Festival, Poland
23th July – Bike Kitchen Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
24th July  – Jugendcafe, Zwiesel, Germany
25th July  – Fluff Festival, Czech Republic
30th July – Cyklo Kuchyňa, Bratislava, Slovakia
31st July – Lazy Life, Vienna, Austria
1st Aug – Bajkazyl, Brno, Czech Republic
3rd Aug – Vegan Street Day, Dortmund [Daytime]
3rd Aug – Black Pigeon, Dortmund
7-11th Aug – Killdren @ Boomtown Fair
31st Aug – Killdren + Efa Supertramp @ Grow, Tottenham, London
5th Sept – VFD, Dalston, London
14th Sept – Killdren @ Worcester Music Festival
26th Sept – Killdren @ Whistle Trago, Hastings
7th Nov – RUG Gallery, Cardiff
20th Nov – Fischladen, Berlin
21st Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
22nd Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
23rd Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
25th Nov – Punkrock Partykeller, Hof
26th Nov – Loft Lo-Fi, Nuremberg
27th Nov –  BOCA Fürth 
28th Nov – Piraten Pub, Prien am Chiemsee
29th Nov – Kafe Marat, Munich
30th Nov – Chaos Christmas Countdown, Nuremberg
2nd Dec – Tanz auf Ruinen  Records, Dortmund
3rd Dec – House Show, Köln
4th Dec – KAFC, Liege
5th Dec – House Show, Peer
6th Dec – STELPLAATS, Leuven
7th Dec – waterintobeer, London

12th Dec – Killdren @ The Royal Sovereign, Clapton, London
14th Dec – We Shall Overcome at Leytonstone Ex-Servicemen’s Club
21st Dec – Killdren @ New River Studios, London
28th Dec – Killdren @ Rad Apples, Dundee


17th Jan – The Castle Tap, Reading (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
18th Jan – The Cowley Club, Brighton (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)

19th Jan – The Exchange, Bristol (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
21st Jan – The Moon, Cardiff (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
23rd Jan – Rose Howey, Liverpool (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
24th Jan – Squat show, Manchester (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
25th Jan – New River Studios, London (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
8th Feb – Killdren @ The Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
28th Feb – The Red Lion, Bristol
29th Feb – BASE, Bristol (6pm)
29th Feb – Le Pub, Newport
6th March – Killdren @ KAFC, Liege
7th March – Killdren @ The Red Lion, Bristol
14-16 March – Killdren @ Bangface, Southport

19th March – Killdren @ New River Studios, London
28th March – Killdren @ Blitz, Oslo, Norway
30th March – Killdren @ Kulturhuset Magasinet, Nyköping, Sweden
31st March – Killdren @ Kulturhuset, Jönköping, Sweden
1st April – ONLINE GIG: Punk 4 The Homeless
1st April – Killdren @ Konsum, Uddebo, Sweden
3rd April – Killdren @ Smålands, Lund, Sweden
4th April – Killdren @ Disco Maximus, Gothenberg, Sweden
9th April – The Royal Sovereign, Clapton, London
11th April – ONLINE GIG: ISOLATION FEST, We Shall Overcome Facebook Page
16th April – ONLINE GIG: New Album Songs on Efa Supertramp FB page
3rd May – 0161 Fest, Manchester
6th May – TBA, Dresden
7th May – Kopfstand, Berlin
8th May – We Miss The Stars Festival, Berlin
16th May – IWW Conference, Cardiff
23rd May – Tattoo Circus, London
3rd June – TBA, Scottish Tour
4th June – TBA, Scottish Tour
5th June – TBA, Scottish Tour
6th June – Anarcho Folk Fest, Elgin, Scotland
24-28 June – Killdren @ Fusion Festival, Germany
17th July – ONLINE GIG: Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair
18th July – ONLINE GIG: Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival
23rd July – ONLINE GIG: Palestine Solidarity Network
7-9th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
14-16th August – Efa Supertramp + Killdren @ Boomtown Fair, Winchester
19th Sept – Killdren @ CraftCore, Oxford
25th Sept – Killdren @ Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings
26th Sept –

Guest on Queers to the Front Podcast

27th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings
25th October – Private Courtyard Gig, Berlin
5th December – The Cowley Club, Brighton
18th December – The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London
20th December – Guest on the Dorising Podcast, Episode 8: Xmas Special
23rd December – Guest on Gab De La Vega’s ‘We’re in this Together’ Livestream
31st December – T-Bitch’s NYE Livestream
31st December – ONLINE GIG: Attila the Stockbroker presents Bollocks to 2020!