Upcoming gigs


14th January – Freedom Bookshop, London
3rd March – Walthamstow Folk Club
15th March – Killdren at Sick Crew, Panke, Berlin
28th April – LARC, London
4th May – Killdren at Person Unknown Festival, Manchester
25th May – Killdren at Convoy Cabaret, Bearded Theory Festival
18th June – Killdren at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
13th July – Killdren at NoStrukture Festival, South of France
16th July – Salle Gueule, Marseille, France
17th July – La Volière, Montceau les Mines, France
19-21st July – Anarcha Folk Festival, Netherlands
25th July – Mad Dog Brewery, Cardiff
26th July – The Chelsea, Bristol
27th July – Earth First Gathering, Somerset
1st August – Green Gathering, Chepstow [Racounters Delight 21:30]
2nd August – Green Gathering, Chepstow [Racounters Delight 20:00]
3rd August – Green Gathering, Chepstow [Triban 19:00]
4th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
7th Sept – Killdren at Fox & Firkin, London
28th Sept – Killdren at Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings


4th May – May Day Festival Of Solidarity, Old School House, Barnsley



Past gigs


8th Mar – Birkenstock, Gwdihw, Cardiff
17th Mar – The Watershed, Milton Keynes
24th Mar – Cob Records, Bangor
8th Apr – The Crescent Pub, Manchester
9th Apr – Astbury Castle, Peckham, London
10th Apr – The Abbey, Kentish Town, London
11th Apr – Karma Kafe, Norwich
16th Apr – Joplins, Chesterfield
17th Apr – Basement 20, Liverpool
18th Apr – The Lounge, Warrington
19th Apr – The Dry Dock, Leeds
21st Apr – Brighton Punx Picnic
30th Apr – 13th Note, Glasgow
4th May – The Croft, Cardiff
4-6 May – Cosmic Puffin Festival
10th May – The Full Moon, Cardiff
11th May – Love Music Hate Racism, Cardiff
16th May – Jonsey’s, Bangor
17th May – Vegas, Rhyl
18th May – Coal Exchange, Cardiff (with The Damned)
20th May – Bearded Theory Festival
24th May – Kama Lounge, Newport
2-4 Jun – Kaya Festival, Bangor
13th Jul – CSO Kike Mur, Zaragoza, ES
17th Jul – le TDB, squat transpédégouine féministe, Toulouse, FR
20th Jul – Stimultania, Strasbourg, FR
21st Jul – Autonomer Beauty Salon, Zurich, CH.
25th Jul – Skek, Amsterdam, NL
26th Jul – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
27th Jul – Venue TBA, Emmen, NL
28th Jul – Café het Hijgend Hert, Breda, NL
29th Jul – Jeugdhuis Tijl, Diest, BE
6th Aug – A new squat, Marsaille, FR
16th Aug – Kama Lounge, Newport
18th Aug – Gremlin Alley, Cardiff
25th Aug – Llangollen, Pesda Roc, Bethesda
26th Aug – Twnal Tywyll, Bethesda
7th Sep – Jet Rock Club, Sofia, Bulgaria
8th Sep – Adelante Social Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria
10th Sep – Evergreen, Kraljevo, Serbia
14th Sep – Inex Film, Belgrade, Serbia
17th Sep – Black Sheep, Novi Sad, Serbia
18th Sep – Panic Room, Belgrade, Serbia.
19th Sep – Autonomni Kulturni Centar Medika, Zagreb, Croatia
21st Sep – Jalla Jalla, Ljubljana, Slovenia
22nd Sep – Kaleidoskop, Vienna, Austria
27th Sep – The Moon, Cardiff
3rd Oct – Bogiez, Cardiff (with Attila the Stockbroker)
5th Oct – Students Union, Newport
18th Oct – The Croft, Cardiff
20th Oct – Noson Afiach, Wells Hotel, Cardiff
2nd Nov – Red and Black Umbrella, Cardiff
12th Dec – 200 Club, Newport
13th Dec – Warehouse 54, Newport
16th Dec – Red and Black Umbrella, Cardiff



27th Jan – Gwdihw, Cardiff
26th Feb – Acwstic Afiach, Wells Hotel, Cardiff
8th Mar – Warehouse 54, Newport
22nd Mar – Warehouse 54, Newport
23rd Mar – Cwmaman Institute, Aberdare
30th Mar – Pro-choice protest, St Mary’s St, Cardiff
4th Apr – Four Bars, Cardiff
6th Apr – The Windsor Arms, Penarth
19th May – The Moon, Cardiff (Dirty Revolution album launch)
26th May – Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff
2nd Jun – Glastonwick Festival, West Sussex
29th Jun – Glastnost Festival, The Moon, Cardiff
5th Jul – Mad Love, Tottenham Chances, London.
6th Jul – The Windsor, Arms, Penarth (with TV Smith)
29th Jul – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam, NL.
4th Aug – Lohmuehle Wagonplatz, Berlin, D.
8th Aug – XB-Liebig, Berlin, D.
9th Aug – CKN 13, Gliwice, PL.
10th Aug – Wegan Piknik 2, Krakow, PL.
11th Aug – Deja Vu, Gorlice, PL
12th Aug – Domówka Cafe, Krakow, PL
13th Aug – Wagenburg Breslau, Wroclaw, PL.
15th Aug – Dwa Światy, Torun, PL.
31st Aug – Anarcho Folk Fest, Freedom Bookshop, London.
7th Sep – The Dirty Weekend Festival, Wrexham
21st Sep – Radical Bookfair Afterparty, The Beehive, Swindon



26th Jan – Birkenstomp, Gwdihw, Cardiff
14th Mar – Le Pub, Newport (with Captain Hotknives)
19th Mar – Vrankrijk, Amsterdam
21st Mar – Valreep, Amsterdam
22th Mar – Rebellion Punk Music Festival, Amsterdam
23rd Mar – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam (afternoon show)
23rd Mar – De Peper, Amsterdam
3rd Apr – The Parrot, Carmarthen
14th Apr – Red & Black Umbrella, Cardiff (with Perkie)
19th Apr – Newport City Radio Record Shop Day Stage 2, Newport (afternoon show)
19th Apr – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (with Beans on Toast)
4th May – 0161 Festival, Manchester
8th May – Fischladen, Berlin
9th May – Cassiopeia, Berlin
10th May – Moviemento, Berlin
11th May – Lohmuehle, Berlin (afternoon show)
17th May – The Windsor Arms, Penarth (with Attila the Stockbroker)
21st June – Stag & Hounds, Bristol (Grand Collapse Album Launch)
18th Jul – Globe in Hay, Hay on Wye
25th July – Banshee Labrynth, Edinburgh
26th July – House Show, Aberdeen (afternoon show)
26th July – The Elizabethan, Fraserburgh.
27th July – Pivo Pivo, Glasgow
1-3rd Aug – Green Gathering Festival, Chepstow
1-3rd Aug – Something Else Up North Festival, near Wrexham
7th-10th Aug – Almost Acoustic Stage, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
20th Aug – The Golden Lion, Bristol
23rd Aug – Riverside Festival, Cardiff
23rd Aug – Hub Festival, Dempseys, Cardiff
29th Aug – Le Pub, Newport
26th-28th Sep – Something Else in The Dean Festival
8th Oct – Gwdihw, Cardiff
15th Nov – The Royal Oak, Cardiff
16th Nov – Oxjam, The Moon, Cardiff



28th Jan – Music Without Borders, Trinity Centre, Cardiff
6th Feb – Ropetackle Beer Fest, Shoreham-on-Sea.
20th April – Music Without Borders, Trinity Church, Cardiff
29th April – TAA Cardiff – 275 Cowbridge Road East (with Perkie)
9th May – The Abacus, Cardiff
14th May – Nos Da, Cardiff
17th May – Surplus Spring Gathering, Wales. (1:15pm, Surplus Stage)
23rd May – Bearded Theory Festival, England (12pm, Something Else Big Top)
24th May – Bearded Theory Festival, England (3pm, Flying Lotus)
30th May – Merthyr Rising Festival, Merthyr Tydfil. (around 3pm, after George Galloway)
30th May – Studio Finchi Opening Party, Punk Bikes, Cardiff.
31st May – Hay in May, Hay Fringe Fest – The Hollybush Inn, Hay-on-Wye.
19th June – Kebele, Bristol (with Evan Greer & Taina Asili)
20th June – LARC, London (with Evan Greer & Taina Asili)
2nd July – Fischladen, Berlin, Germany. (with Wayne Lost Soul)
3rd July – Lohmülhe, Berlin, Germany (with Wayne Lost Soul)
4th July – Tristeza, Berlin, Germany (with Wayne Lost Soul)
11th July – Übertown, Nowhere, Spain.
6th June –  The Chelsea, Bristol (with Gab De La Vega)
7th June – The Wells Hotel, Cardiff (with Gab De La Vega)
13th June – The Scene, Swansea (with The Urban Voodoo Machine)
17th July – Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Tolpuddle, England. (3:40pm)
18th July – Unizone, Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival, Tolpuddle, England. (3:30pm)
19th July – Inspirali Gathering, Aberystwyth (2:30pm)
22nd July – Fuel Cafe, Manchester
23rd July – Next to Nowhere, Liverpool
24th July – Downstairs, Aberdeen
25th July – Folk Fest, Elgin, Scotland.
26th July – The NHC Bookshop, Glasgow
2nd Aug – Stondin Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Maes yr Eisteddfod, Meifod. (2yh)
2nd Aug – Gig Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Cobra, Meifod. (gyda Meic Stevens)
14th Aug – Floating Lotus, Boomtown Fair. (16:45-17:30)
22nd Aug – The Chelsea Inn, Bristol (all dayer with vegan BBQ!)
23rd August – Cafe Ever, London (afternoon show)
25th August – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
26th August – Molli Chaoot, Amsterdam, NL
27th August – Pino Social Centruum, Gronigen, NL.
28th August – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
29th August – Huize Spoorloos, Emmen, NL
30th August – Zuiderfestival, Enschende, NL
1st September – Anyway, Essen, DE (with TV Smith)
4th September – f105, Hamburg, DE
5th September – Hasen Schaukel, Hamburg, DE
7th September – Moviemento, Berlin, DE
8th September – Friedel 54, Berlin, DE
10th September – Ramones Museum, Berlin, DE.
11th September – Stoned, Liepzig, DE.
13th September – Auotonomni Socialni Centrum Klinika, Prague, CZ
16th September – Klub Na Drazne, Brno, CZ
17th September – Bikekitchen, Vienna, Austria
18th September – Kaleidoskop, Vienna, Austria
19th September – Dürer Pince, Budapest, Hungary
20th September – Food Not Bombs, Budapest, Hungary (4pm)
21st September – U Frantiskanov, Bratislava, SK
22nd September – Cult Club, Bansk Bystrika, SK
23rd September – Zazemie, Spiska Nova Ves, SK
24th September – Stanica, Zilina, SK
25th September – Bar-Rock-O, Trinec, CZ
26th September – Futra, Orlova, CZ
29th September – Chmury Club, Warsaw, PL.
30th September – Przychodnia Squat, Warsaw, PL. (TBC)
1st October – Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow, PL (with Lie Afer Lie & Pssgs & Malad)
2nd October – Leśniczówka Rock’n’Roll Cafe, Chorzow, PL.
3rd October – CKN 13, Gliwice, PL.
10th October – LaDIY Fest, Stag & Hounds Bristol
23rd October – Afiach & A-Grrrls, Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
27th October – Look Out Cafe Bar, Cardiff (with Attila The Stockbroker)
30th October – Stoned, Leipzig, DE (with TV Smith)
31st October – Stoned, Leipzig, DE (with TV Smith)
13th November – Caerphilly Miner’s Institute, Caerphilly
17th November – Temporary Autonomous Art, Cardiff
21st November – L.A.R.C, London
9th December – Hydra Bookshop, Bristol



18th January – Free For All Festival, The Moon, Cardiff (with Perkie & Petrol Girls)
30th January – Penarth Ex-Servicemen’s Club, Penarth
20th February – Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff
25th Feb – Infokrautuve, Kaunas, Lithuania
26th Feb – xi20, Vilnus, Lithuania
27th Feb – Cafe Leningrad, Riga, Latvia
1st March – Sotsiaaleksus ülase 12, Talin, Estonia
3rd March – Semifinal, Helsinki, Finland
4th March – Vastavirta, Tampere, Finland
18th March – The Plough, Bristol
19th March – Roll For The Soul, Bristol
20th March – Birkenstomp, Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
26th March – Le Pub, Newport
22nd April – Cafe Kino, Bristol (with Grace Petrie)
27th April – The Fulford Arms, York
28th April – Darnyoltarnawl, Leeds
29th April – Girls To The Front, Banshee Labrynith, Edinburgh
30th April – 0161 Fest, Manchester
6th May – Knoflook, Den Bosch, NL
7th May – Alerta Alerta Festival, Amsterdam, NL
8th May – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
9th May – Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam, NL
10th May – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
11th May – WTF Queer Wednesday, Vrankrijk, Amesterdam, NL
14th May – Filddler’s Elbow, Camden, London
21st May – Surplus Spring Gathering, Porthkerry
27th May – How The Lights Get In, Hay-on-Wye
28th May – Hay In May II (fringe festival), Hollybush Campsite, Hay-on-Wye
28th May – Defiance Sessions, Glossop Labour Club, Glossop
29th May – Something Else Tea Tent, Bearded Theory Festival
3rd Jun –
 Kupoli, Helsinki, Finland
4th Jun – Sointu, Turku, Finland
5th Jun – Telakka, Tampere, Finland
6th Jun – Bar Wall Street , Helsinki, Finland
7th Jun – Cafe Mascot, Helsinki, Finland
9th Jun – Kulturehuset Magasinet, Nyköping, Sweden
10th Jun – Kulturhuset, Jonkoping, Sweden
11th Jun – Plan B Tranås, Sweden
12th Jun – Amalthea Bokkafe, Malmo, Sweden
13th Jun – Gula Huset, Uddebo, Sweden
15th Jun – Maksitaksi, Oslo, Norway
16th Jun – Ivar Matlaus Bokkafe, Trondheim, Norway
17th Jun – Good Omens, Trondheim, Norway
9th July – T Chances, Tottenham, London
10th July – Next To Nowhere, Liverpool
13th July – Folk Punk Clash (versus Cosmo!), Wells Hotel, Cardiff
16th July – Unizone, Tolpuddle Festival, Dorset
1st August – Gig Eisteddfod Cymdeithas Yr Iaith, Y Fenni
5th August – Kaya Festival
6th August – Almost Acoustic, Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
7th August – Outcider Festival, Somerset
11th August – The Last Stand, Chinatown, Boomtown Fair
13th August – The Last Stand Chinatown, Boomtown Fair
29th August – Windmill Brixton, London
2nd Sept – Le Pub, Newport (with Petrol Girls & Perkie)
4th Sept – Feminist Solidarity Fest, Springfield Park, London
10th Sept – Use Your Voice, City Hall, London
22nd Sept – The Resistance Gallery, Bethnal Green
17th October – Little Man Coffee Co, Cardiff
29th October – Highwayman Inn, Sourton (with TV Smith)
3rd November – Fischladen, Berlin
4th November – Stoned, Leipzig (with TV Smith)
5th November – Stoned, Leipzig (with TV Smith)
14th November – Boogaloo, Highgate, London
24th November – La Mesa, Montecchio M, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
25th November – Al Viandante, Mantova, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
26th November – Monsieur D, Spilimbergo, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
27th November – Tetris, Trieste, Italy (with Gab De La Vega)
16th December – The Hive, Dalston, London



18th Feb – Live Set on Resonance FM
16th March – The Greys, Brighton
22nd April – Manchester Punk Festival
27th April – Next To Nowhere, Liverpool
28th April – Red and Green Club, Huddersfield
29th April – May Day Solidarity Festival, Barnsley
5th May – Asociación Atlas, Gran Canaria
6th May – Equipo Para, Tenerife
10th May – GoMorky, Hamburg
11th May – Desperado, Bielefeld.
12th May – The Curly Cow, Witten
13th May – Cunting Festival,Dortmund
14th May – Astbury Castle, London
15th May – Cowley Club, Brighton
16th May – Transport Club, Cardiff
17th May – Hydra Bookshop, Bristol
18th May – Protestival, Bath
20th May – Grand Collapse Album Launch, Stag & Hounds, Bristol
26th May – Cowley Club, Brighton
28th May – [Panel Discussion on Music&Politics] Merthyr Rising
2nd June – KvU, Berlin, DE.
3rd June – Carnival of Subculture afterparty, Köpi, Berlin, DE.
9-11th June – Sista Fest
13th June – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
14th June – WTF Queer Wednesday, Vrankrijk, Amsterdam, NL
15th June – Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam, NL
18th June – ADM, Amsterdam, NL
4th July – Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria
5th July – Fabrika Avtonomia, Sofia, Bulgaria
6th August – Rebellion Punk Festival
10-13th August – Last Stand, Boomtown Fair
3rd Sept – Common Ground Festival, The Black Swan, Bristol
15th Sept – Latest Music Bar, Brighton
16th Sept – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
17th Sept – Wildcard Brewery, Walthamstow
24th Sept – Windmill, Brixton
29th Sept – Killdren at The Exchange, Bristol
30th Sept – Something Else in the Dean (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
12th Oct – ADM Festival (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
19th Oct – Aces & Eights, Tufnell Park, London
4th Nov – Killdren at ExFed, London
5th Nov – Wildcard Brewery, London
16th Nov – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
17th Nov – Bradford Brewery, Bradford
18th- November – Dead Good Gathering, Liverpool
19th November – Old Town House, Warrington
24th November – New Cross Inn



10th January – Fischladen, Berlin
11th January – Stoned, Leipzig
12th January – Stoned, Leipzig
27th Jan – Killdren at Squat Party, The Coronet, London
9th March – Killdren at Barlok, Brussles, BE
10th March – Killdren at The Loch, Enschede, NL
30th March – Killdren at The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London
8th April – Killdren at Freekuency, Portugal
10th April – Killdren at Freekuency, Portugal
23rd April – Boat Gig at BarCo, London
27th April – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
28th April – Glossop Labour Club
3rd May – Temporary Autonomous Art, London
10th May – Riot for Grenfell, Maxilla Hall Social Club, London
12th May – Bristol Bookfair Afterparty, The Black Swan, Bristol
24th May – Hell Hath No Fury Fest, Bristol (Killdren & Efa Supertramp)
31st May – Joe’s Garage, Amsterdam
2nd June – The Swamp, Utrecht
3rd June – Rebellion Festival, Melkweg, Amsterdam
5th June – Bajesdorp, Amsterdam
13th June – Freedom Bookshop, London
14th June – The Pipeline, Brighton
15th June – Anti-University Closing Party, New River Studios, London
27th June – Block Around The Clock Protest Camp, Lancashire (Efa Supertramp + Killdren)
21st July – Level Up Fest, New Cross Inn, London
5th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
8-12th August – Boomtown Fair, Winchester (Various sets for both Killdren & Efa Supertramp)
18th August – Genesis Cinema, London
31st August – Genesis Cinema, London
1st September – Killdren at Party in Park, Fordham Park, London
6th September – Lad$, Freedom Bookshop, London
14th September – Killdren @ HeadFuk 20th Bday Rave, London
1st October – Hope & Anchor, London
4th October – Supamolli, Berlin
5th October – Fischladen, Berlin
19th October – Sister Not Cister, London
20th October – Killdren @ NotTheAnarchistBookfair Afterparty, London
4th November – Killdren @ Tattoo Circus Afterparty, The Exchange, Bristol
10th November – Pie Race Festival, Wharf Chambers, Leeds (5:40pm)
10th November – Killdren @ Empire Bar, London (1am)
11th November – Waltham Forest Vegan Market
17th November – Killdren @ Chaos Theory, L’uizinne, Bruxells. 
1st December – Acoustic Anarchy, Waterintobeer, London


20th January – Killdren @ DIY Space for London
22nd February – Killdren @ The Royal Sovereign, London
28th February – The Cowley Club, Brighton
1st March – Killdren @ Elektrowerks, London
3rd March – The Red Lion, Bristol
4th March – Le Pub, Newport/Casnewydd
5th March – The Cellar/Y Seler, Cardigan/Aberteifi
6th March – Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda
8th March – Drop the Dumbulls, Liverpool
9th March – The Old Town House, Warrington
10th March – Grow Heathrow
14th March – Old Rose & Crown, Walthamstow, London
15th March – Killdren @ Fischladen, Berlin
16th March – Killdren @ Köpi, Berlin
29th March – Killdren @ Bajesdorp, Amsterdam, NL
30th March – Killdren @ Party at Huize ívicke, Wassenaar, NL
2nd April – Killdren @ Mandril Cultural Centre, Maastricht, NL
3rd April – Curly Cow, Witten, DE (+ Killdren acoustic)
5th April – Killdren @ L’Emulsion, Marche-en-Famenne BE
6th April – Killdren @ KAFC, Liege, BE
14th April – Vocal Health, Hygiene and Wellbeing Workshop @ DIY Space for London
19th April – Highwaymann Inn, Sourton
20th April – Killdren @ The Cavern, Exeter
21st April – Killdren @ The Red Lion, Bristol
2nd May – Killdren @ 0161 Festival, Manchester
3rd May – Killdren @ Hatch, Sheffield
4th May – Killdren @ 1 in 12 Club, Bradford
10th May – Killdren @ Fox & Firkin, London
1st June – Glastonwick, Sussex
11th June – Genesis Cinema, Whitechapel, London
13th June – Killdren @ New River Studios
15th June – SistaFest, Oxfordshire (Efa Supertramp 12pm + Killdren 7pm)
22nd June – Killdren @ TINY TAA, Secret Location, London
26-30th June – Killdren @ Glastonbury Fest [Uninvited,but we still played a secret set]
5th July – Killdren @ Neuadd Ogwen, Bethesda
6th July – Killdren @ Bristol Skum Collective Rig at St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol
11th July – Fischladen, Berlin [Efa Supertramp + Killdren acoustic]
12th July – KILLDREN @ Trash-o-Lade, Kulturhaus Kili, Berlin
13th July – KILLDREN @ Feel Festival, Germany
14th July – KILLDREN @ Feel Festival, Germany
17th July – SchönerHausen, Leipzig, Germany
19th July – Wolimierz Anarcho Folk Festival, Poland
23th July – Bike Kitchen Praha, Prague, Czech Republic
24th July  – Jugendcafe, Zwiesel, Germany
25th July  – Fluff Festival, Czech Republic
30th July – Cyklo Kuchyňa, Bratislava, Slovakia
31st July – Lazy Life, Vienna, Austria
1st Aug – Bajkazyl, Brno, Czech Republic
3rd Aug – Vegan Street Day, Dortmund [Daytime]
3rd Aug – Black Pigeon, Dortmund
7-11th Aug – Killdren @ Boomtown Fair
31st Aug – Killdren + Efa Supertramp @ Grow, Tottenham, London
5th Sept – VFD, Dalston, London
14th Sept – Killdren @ Worcester Music Festival
26th Sept – Killdren @ Whistle Trago, Hastings
7th Nov – RUG Gallery, Cardiff
20th Nov – Fischladen, Berlin
21st Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
22nd Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
23rd Nov – Stoned, Leipzig
25th Nov – Punkrock Partykeller, Hof
26th Nov – Loft Lo-Fi, Nuremberg
27th Nov –  BOCA Fürth 
28th Nov – Piraten Pub, Prien am Chiemsee
29th Nov – Kafe Marat, Munich
30th Nov – Chaos Christmas Countdown, Nuremberg
2nd Dec – Tanz auf Ruinen  Records, Dortmund
3rd Dec – House Show, Köln
4th Dec – KAFC, Liege
5th Dec – House Show, Peer
6th Dec – STELPLAATS, Leuven
7th Dec – waterintobeer, London

12th Dec – Killdren @ The Royal Sovereign, Clapton, London
14th Dec – We Shall Overcome at Leytonstone Ex-Servicemen’s Club
21st Dec – Killdren @ New River Studios, London
28th Dec – Killdren @ Rad Apples, Dundee


17th Jan – The Castle Tap, Reading (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
18th Jan – The Cowley Club, Brighton (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)

19th Jan – The Exchange, Bristol (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
21st Jan – The Moon, Cardiff (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
23rd Jan – Rose Howey, Liverpool (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
24th Jan – Squat show, Manchester (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
25th Jan – New River Studios, London (with Sharp Knives + Manifiesta)
8th Feb – Killdren @ The Hope & Anchor, Islington, London
28th Feb – The Red Lion, Bristol
29th Feb – BASE, Bristol (6pm)
29th Feb – Le Pub, Newport
6th March – Killdren @ KAFC, Liege
7th March – Killdren @ The Red Lion, Bristol
14-16 March – Killdren @ Bangface, Southport

19th March – Killdren @ New River Studios, London
28th March – Killdren @ Blitz, Oslo, Norway
30th March – Killdren @ Kulturhuset Magasinet, Nyköping, Sweden
31st March – Killdren @ Kulturhuset, Jönköping, Sweden
1st April – ONLINE GIG: Punk 4 The Homeless
1st April – Killdren @ Konsum, Uddebo, Sweden
3rd April – Killdren @ Smålands, Lund, Sweden
4th April – Killdren @ Disco Maximus, Gothenberg, Sweden
9th April – The Royal Sovereign, Clapton, London
11th April – ONLINE GIG: ISOLATION FEST, We Shall Overcome Facebook Page
16th April – ONLINE GIG: New Album Songs on Efa Supertramp FB page
3rd May – 0161 Fest, Manchester
6th May – TBA, Dresden
7th May – Kopfstand, Berlin
8th May – We Miss The Stars Festival, Berlin
16th May – IWW Conference, Cardiff
23rd May – Tattoo Circus, London
3rd June – TBA, Scottish Tour
4th June – TBA, Scottish Tour
5th June – TBA, Scottish Tour
6th June – Anarcho Folk Fest, Elgin, Scotland
24-28 June – Killdren @ Fusion Festival, Germany
17th July – ONLINE GIG: Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair
18th July – ONLINE GIG: Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival
23rd July – ONLINE GIG: Palestine Solidarity Network
7-9th August – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
14-16th August – Efa Supertramp + Killdren @ Boomtown Fair, Winchester
19th Sept – Killdren @ CraftCore, Oxford
25th Sept – Killdren @ Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings
26th Sept –

Guest on Queers to the Front Podcast

27th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings
25th October – Private Courtyard Gig, Berlin
5th December – The Cowley Club, Brighton
18th December – The Bird’s Nest, Deptford, London
20th December – Guest on the Dorising Podcast, Episode 8: Xmas Special
23rd December – Guest on Gab De La Vega’s ‘We’re in this Together’ Livestream
31st December – T-Bitch’s NYE Livestream
31st December – ONLINE GIG: Attila the Stockbroker presents Bollocks to 2020!



24th April – #WeStandByYou Online Fest for Belarus by Libereco
3rd May – Comrade Baby Livestream Fundraiser, Afiach FB page
30th May – Nestival, The Birds Nest, London
21st June – Squat De La Musique, Rigaer Straße, Berlin
24th July – Private Event, Berlin
5th August – British Shorts Film Fest, City Kino Wedding, Berlin
6th August – Z-Bau, Biergarten, Nuremberg, Germany
7th August – Zum Wilden Heinz, Leipzig, Germany
11th August – Bikekitchen, Prague, CZ
12th August – Underdogs, Prague, CZ [KILLDREN]
14th August – Squat Party, Leipzig, DE [KILLDREN]
24th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings [KILLDREN]
26th Sept – Wotsit Called Fest, Hastings [Solo]
8th Oct – TAA London [KILLDREN]
9th Oct – Till the Fest, The Matchstick Piehouse, London [KILLDREN]
20th Oct – Poco Loco, Catham [KILLDREN]
4th Dec – waterintobeer, London
10th Dec – New Cross In, London [KILLDREN]


19th Feb – Elephant & Castle, Ramsaget [KILLDREN]
24th Feb – Off the Cuff, Herne Hill, London [KILLDREN]
5th March – New River Studios [KILLDREN]
6th March – Off the Cuff, Herne Hill, London
18th March – Black Cat, Hackney, London
26th March – The Exchange, Bristol [KILLDREN]
8th April – 1 in 12 Club, Bradford [KILLDREN]
9th April – Private Party, Bolton [KILLDREN]
14th April – waterintobeer, London
15th April – The Royal Sovereign
16th April – CRUX @ New River Studios [CHWALAW]
22nd April – Fischladen, Berlin, DE [Efa Supertramp + CHWALAW]
23rd April – Supamolli, Berlin, DE
30th April – Chekov, Cottbus, DE [Efa Supertramp + CHWALAW]
26-29th May – Bearded Theory Festival [Efa Supertramp + Killdren]
18th June – The Pig, Hastings [KILLDREN]
16th July – New Cross Inn, London [KILLDREN]

27th July – OCCII, Amsterdam, NL [KILLDREN]
29th July – Fluff Fest, CZ [KILLDREN]
30th July – Fluff Fest, CZ [solo]
2nd August – Zakladna, Brno, CZ
4th August – Koncerty na garážach, Bratislava, Slovakia [KILLDREN]
6th August – SlovakTeknival [KILLDREN]
9th August – Bosorka club, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
25th August – Shambala Festival (solo)
29th August – Shambala Festival [KILLDREN]
3rd Sept – Loud Women Fest, London [KILLDREN]
7th – 11th Sept – Sorbian-Welsh Friendship Tour in Germany [Efa Supertramp + Chwalaw]
7th Sept – Slěpo/Schleife,
8th Sept – Kumšicy/Kumschütz,
9th Sept – Nuknica/Nucknitz
10th Sept – Chóśebuz/Cottbus
11th Sept – Barliń/Berlin
15th Sept – Venue MOT, London [Killdren]
17th Sept – Anarchist Bookfair London [Killdren]
1st Oct – The Moon, Cardiff [Chwalaw]
30th Oct – Music & Activism Panel at Gwyl Y Llais
2nd Nov – Freedom Bookshop, London
5th Nov – Warsztat, Krakow, Poland (Killdren)
24th Nov – New Cross Inn, London [Killdren]
17th Dec – New River Studios, London [Killdren]



14th Jan – Queen’s Head, Brixton [Killdren]
10th Feb – Love Music Hate Racism, New River Studios, London
11th Feb – No Borders Benefit Gig, LARC, London
11th Feb – Freeparty, London [Killdren]
4th Mar – Peggy’s, Leigh-on-Sea [Killdren]
25th Mar – Fishstock, Exchange, Bristol
31st Mar – Hackney Anarchists Benefit, Royal Sovereign, London
7th April – Manchester Punk Festival [solo & Killdren]
6th May – Private Wedding
13th May – We Shall Overcome, Newington Green Meeting House, London
8th June – LARC, London
10th June – New River Studios, London [Killdren]
22nd July – Levy Punk Weekender, Manchester
29th July – WonkFest, London [Killdren]
10-13th – Boomtown Fair [Killdren]
27th August – New River Studios, London (with Evan Greer
16th September – Killdren ALBUM LAUNCH with IRD (free party, DM for info!)
29th Sept – 1st Oct – Something Else End of Season Festival [Killdren & solo]
7th October – Killdren at Anarchist Bookfair Afterparty, Rich Mix, London
30th October – ZINE WORKSHOP at Wales Millennium Centre
17th November – Freedom Bookshop, London (with Mischief Bruno + All in Vain)
18th November – Cowley Club, Brighton (with Mischief Bruno + All in Vain)
19th November – BASE, Bristol (with Mischief Bruno + All in Vain)
24th November – Killdren at NoStrukture Party, Köpi, Berlin
25th November – Fischladen, Berlin


14th January – Freedom Bookshop, London
3rd March – Walthamstow Folk Club
15th March – Killdren at Sick Crew, Panke, Berlin
4th May – Killdren at Person Unknown Festival, Manchester
25th May – Killdren at Convoy Cabaret, Bearded Theory Festival2023